Dr Pat McCarthy announced as Honorary President

BSMDH(S) Council has asked Dr Pat McCarthy of New Zealand if he would accept the post of Honorary President of BSMDH(S). 

He has graciously accepted. Pat, who is from Scotland originally, is a well ‘kent’ face to many in the society and has been a loyal friend to BSMDH(S) over many years. Pat has generously given of his time presenting many workshops to our members whenever he is in Scotland. Pat is very passionate about hypnosis and its positive effects on patients and he is equally passionate about sharing his knowledge with others. Those of you who have attended our BSMDH(S) basic course will be familiar with Pat’s STONES exercise which is great because it can be used with virtually any patient for any issue. I suppose we could not resist putting Pat back in the bag and bringing him home to Scotland by asking him to be our Honorary President.

Now it’s Pat’s turn “I formally accept your invitation to be the Honorary President of BSMDH(S).

I grew up in Glasgow and attended Glasgow University Medical School. Whilst there I developed a great interest in hypnosis and as the librarian of the Medico-Chirurgical Society I was permitted to purchase a new book for their library and so I purchased Hartland’s book Medical and Dental Hypnosis which it transpired absolutely no one borrowed from the shelf. So after two years sitting there I actually stole the book in 1980 and I read it carefully from cover to cover. I guiltily returned a brand new copy of the book on my first hypnosis teaching trip to Glasgow some years later. I disagreed with much of the book especially the frequent use of the word TRY. I have developed 48 unique hypnosis modules. In 1996 I began the first and still only medical hypnosis practice in New Zealand. I have worked in geographical isolation with no nearby colleagues. I’ve written a few textbooks and have taught hypnosis in many countries and venues. I always enjoy returning to my homeland and am very happy to share my knowledge. Thank you for thinking of me and I accept your kind offer to be your Honorary President”.


Dr Pat McCarthy