Dr Ali Esref Muezzinoglu Online Workshop

ZOOM workshop SUNDAY 12th SEPTEMBER at 10 am with Dr Ali Esref Muezzinoglu, Med Dentist.

Dr Ali is a very well known and respected dental hypnotherapist and his techniques will be of interest to anyone wanting to learn more about hypnotherapy.

It will be a 3-hour workshop. As normal it is FREE for BSMDH(S) members and only £30 for non-members. Please note that to attend this workshop you must be a health professional in Medicine, Dentistry, Psychology or any other health care professional. We look forward to seeing you on ZOOM.

Please email your interest and book through Angela mail@bsmdhscotland.com 

Dr Ali’s web page http://muezzi.com/

BIO – Dr Ali Esref Muezzinoglu