Annual General Meeting 2020

The 13th AGM of The BSMDH (S) will be held on Sunday 19th  July

Join Zoom Meeting @11am

Meeting ID: 721 4214 7273         Password: 3rjht1

Break for coffee

Join Zoom Meeting @ 12pm

Meeting ID: 731 6332 5384      Password: 2Gx1cU

Current Council and changes due at AGM 2020

Principal Officers

President: Kathleen Long     2-year term competed – Nomination received for Alan Dewar

Vice President                         None in place at present – Nomination received for Raj Jayawardena

Secretary: Alan Dewar          One more year to serve – Nomination received for Kathleen Long

Treasurer: Paul Lim              One more year to serve


Mike Gow                                3-year term up – To be co-opted if no other nomination sought

Alasdair Gunn                        3-year term up – Retiring from Council

Raj Jayawardena                   3-year term up – Nomination received for VP

Fawzi Sharara                        1 more year to serve

Kevin Kit                                 1 more year to serve – Retiring from Council

2 new nominations for Council received

Akkshay Iyer

Fakhteh Ayatollahy



Alan Dewar

Honorary Secretary