Dr Michael Schekter Workshop

Sunday 6th September 2020

10am – 12 noon



BSMDH(S) are delighted to host a 2 hour workshop with Dr Michael Schekter. A zoom invitation will be sent out to all those members wishing to attend. This meeting will be free to all members of BSMDH(S).

If you are not a member of BSMDH(S), but meet our professional criteria, you can attend for a set fee of £50 Methods of payment

Please contact our administrative assistant Angela Samson on mail@bsmdhscotland.com to confirm your place and make your payment (by direct payment or BACS only).  Once your payment has been received a zoom invitation will be sent to you.

A resume of Michael’s experience and his work with the ESH BoD is available on the ESH website and attached is a snippet for your information.


Michael Schekter Resume