Workshop, 20th May – Feedback

There were 12  attendees and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Dr Kathleen Long taught a short technique which can be used in lots of different ways and the feedback was that everyone could see where they might use it.

There was much discussion on lots of different ways the technique could be tailored for different patients and came up with some great variations.

“I did enjoy the zoom, I felt it was the perfect amount of time for people to catch up and learn a new technique. Little sessions like that are very easy to work into other work. The technique was also great to learn and applicable to several situations.”     Kirsty, Dentist



“I attended the meeting and I thought it was great! In fact, I would like the written Guidance on the empty box technique that Kathleen demonstrated.  I’m looking forward to the next one now. It’s so much easier for me to do the Zoom than to come all the way up to Glasgow on a Sunday.”  Gillian, Retired Consultant Psychiatrist



“Given that this was a Zoom meeting, it all went quite smoothly. There are integral issues with on-line meetings, making them less satisfactory than face to face but to my mind they are a good second best. Also with no travel involved, more folk seem willing to tune in. I think the reminder near the date was an effective prompt. If it were a regular, say 2 monthly, event, it just might gather momentum.I was interested in the technique Kathleen demonstrated as it was new to me and apparently to some others as well.  Given the nature of the interaction, I find 45 – 60 minutes long enough though others might feel differently.” Ros, Retired GP




“I found it very useful. I had done the exercise with Kathleen Long in the very last meeting before lockdown, so I could compare the effect of change of environment.  I found the zoom meeting very useful. Obviously meeting people in person makes focusing easier, however considering the challenge of lockdown, the zoom meetings are excellent and will keep us informed and connected. Even with challenge of lockdown and remote connection, I found the exercise worked really well.” Fakhtey, Dentist
“Kathleen taught us the box technique which was developed by the Chinese therapists. It is a technique which can be used at all ages in variety of problems. It was easy to follow and the therapist would have the opportunity to modify the step-by-step technique to suit the needs of the patient. I will certainly will be keen on using this technique for my hypnotherapy patients.” Raj, Psychiatrist